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Infuse Greater RESPECT, PEACE and UNITY in our Lives, Homes, Relationships and Communities Amongst the Jewish People


           Welcome to the Green Speech Campaign - An International Jewish Unity Project and Shemiras HaLoshon initiative
This year, between July 11th and August 1st, thousands of people from all different religious backgrounds and denominations will join together to work on improving speech and communication. Come and join and be part of an unprecedented program of Jewish Unity! Within The Green Speech Campaign there are a variety of options to study and share: Introductory material based on the '10 Habits of Green Speech' program or advanced material for those with a background in Shemiras HaLashon. Study for just a day or sign up for the entire 21 day campaign. Study in a convenient format best suited for you or sign up for materials to share with your friends and community.

Option 1

Sign up and study for just a
few minutes for “1” day!

  • Study 1 day - Receive the
    “The 10 habits of Green Speech”
    e-mail with a video

Click here to sign up

Option 2

Sign up for daily study, just 3 mins for “The 3 Weeks” -July 11th –Aug 1st

Option 3

Sign up for a material package and classes to share with your friends and community

1.She Said … What?
2.What exactly can’t I say?
3.Hurtful Words

Click here to receive the series of classes.
E-mail greenspeechcampaign@gmail.com

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Rabbi Michael Stern - rabbiwithoutwalls@gmail.com – 414-573-9668    The Green Speech campaign is a project of Rabbi Without Walls